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Our investment approach

Rouse Limited works on developing a diversified financial portfolio, and aims to create the most risk-effective investment portfolio for the client as possible.

At an initial meeting, we will work through a risk profile questionnaire to ascertain your approach to investment risk and to understand your plans for your future. Then we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to develop the most appropriate investment portfolio for your risk profile and interests.

The first step for us is to identify the asset allocation appropriate for your investment. By this we mean that the assets within an investment portfolio are divided among different asset classes. These classes can be simplified as:

  • Cash
  • Equity
  • Fixed interest
  • Commercial property, and
  • Other forms of investment

This last category can include investments which are normally non-correlated to the other asset classes, such as hedge funds or even fine wine.

From this selection we will develop six different portfolios along the graph of the efficient frontier (see our How we invest your money page), each with a mix of asset classes. This then allows us to create the most appropriate investment portfolio for you, which is reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to meet your risk profile.

We usually spread our portfolios across a number of fund managers and funds and also blend passive management with active fund managers. We work closely with the fund managers, talking to them and attending presentations, to ensure that they are performing as we expect and working hard for you and your money.

The same process is replicated in our range of ethical portfolios; however, these funds undergo additional screening to ensure they are suitable for inclusion.

We don’t rest on our laurels – we regularly review the funds to assess performance as well as rebalancing portfolios to maintain the correct asset allocation. If we have concerns about the performance of a fund and decide to switch managers, we will consult with you.

Finally, we are constantly looking for new ways of investing your money and researching the best financial returns. Recently we have reviewed investments in wine, art, teak and ground rents, as well as the more traditional asset classes. We work hard with your money, and like to see that others do too.

I came to Rouse with some very specific financial goals in mind. To achieve these I needed sound, knowledgeable advice, a range of options, an excellent financial platform, plus efficient and approachable office staff for the paperwork and my queries. I got all of this from Rouse and more.

Mrs N. Freeman

For many financial goals, investing in a mix of assets is a good strategy.

Ben Rouse CFP™ Chartered MCSI APFS

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