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Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Part of our commitment to that means keeping up to date with the latest information and technology in the financial services and investments market.

We have always been ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of industry qualifications and each member of the team is committed to their continuous professional development and holds a current Statement of Professional Standing (SPS).

We use expert tools such as those provided by Towers Watson (TW) to help us understand the movements of the financial markets across the world so as to maximise the performance of your investments.

We aim to manage your money by putting together a balanced portfolio of assets that reflects your identified risk profile. By looking at those assets that are suited to your attitude to risk – TW’s data helps us to do this – we can put together a selection of asset classes of varying levels of volatility, which will help us deliver an optimal investment portfolio.

The theory for this kind of investment portfolio began in 1952, when Harry Markowitz published a paper in the Journal of Finance on Portfolio Theory. In it he described a match-off of assets across the volatility range and he realised that together they could describe the most efficient investment portfolio for optimum returns. We use this theory of the “efficient frontier” to regularly analyse your financial investments. The best return is found on the top line of the curve (you can’t get any higher) and the shaded area under the curve shows the potential risk-reward returns. For every point in the shaded area there’s at least one portfolio that can be created. Portfolios on the efficient frontier are optimal in that they offer maximal expected return and minimal risk for that particular risk profile.

For more information on our approach to investments, see our page on Investment Approach.

Whilst no one has a crystal ball, I feel very confident about our future with the regular balancing of my portfolio and the honest and intelligent advice I continue to receive.

Mrs N. Freeman

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of investing but it’s important to invest with a strategy.

Andrew White CFP™ Chartered MCSI DipPFS

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