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People look for financial advice for many reasons. You may be looking for pension planning or retirement planning; you could be looking to maximise tax efficiency for you and your business; you may be planning for a large event or a special holiday or be looking to provide financial security for your family.

Whatever your reasons, reviewing your finances with a Chartered or Certified Financial Planner™ professional can help you identify the most appropriate way to put your plans into action and focus your finances on what is important to you.

As Chartered and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals we follow a specific six-step process to ensure we help you identify your priorities to help you achieve the life you have planned.




We’ll spend time talking to you and helping you to identify your financial objectives. Essential to good financial planning is having a strong relationship between client and Financial Planner. Ideally the Financial Planner should be able not only to understand a client’s financial situation but also to support other aspects of their life within that.



Next, with your help, we’ll collect and then assess all your relevant personal and financial data, including establishing your attitude to risk and to investments. We’ll help you by taking you through financial questionnaires and using approved tools to identify your financial approach. This will help us when we begin to analyse which investments and approaches will be appropriate for you.



We’ll then take all the data and your responses away to analyse and then assess the most appropriate way for us to help you reach your financial goals. Financial planning is the over-arching function under which there are different disciplines, all of which dovetail to help you arrange your affairs as efficiently as possible. You might not need them all – part of our job is to identify the areas of financial planning that might be useful to you.



We’ll put together a written plan that describes how to make the most effective use of the financial resources we have available to us in order to help achieve your financial goals and that also focus on your particular interests. We’ll take you through the plan and get your go ahead for implementation…



If we manage investments for you the role can cover advisory or discretionary investments. Within the advisory function, we advise you of what is happening within the markets and each time a decision is required we discuss with you the most appropriate way to proceed. Within the discretionary function, you leave it to our discretion regarding the day-to-day function of your account. We provide you with regular updates regarding the action we are taking and then regularly evaluate your portfolio – as we do with all accounts. As caretakers of your wealth management we have an Investment Committee the key function of which is to provide the wider picture that will allow us to ensure that all investment portfolios are kept in line with each client’s individual aims, ethics and attitude to risk.



Lastly, we’ll regularly review your progress against your financial goals and will modify the plan as necessary. We’ll also meet with you regularly (quarterly, half-yearly or annually, depending on what we agree is appropriate) and make sure that your money continues to work for you with the aim of achieving your life goals. This means we can take the responsibility for the fine detail away from you so you can go out and enjoy your life as you wish.

We have always enjoyed our discussions with you and look forward to our next. As well, Paul and other members of the office team are unfailingly helpful and courteous.

Mr B. Langslow

Know your net worth on an annual basis – you then stand a better chance of increasing this year on year.

Andrew White CFP™ Chartered MCSI DipPFS

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