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Election 2017 – the morning after

Friday 9th June 2017

We now know the exit polls were correct and the result is far from ideal, regardless of how you voted. It’s too early to make any meaningful market interpretation but although this outcome was a surprise, it’s not as market-unfriendly as it could have been.

As guardians of your wealth management it’s our job to ensure that we guide you through times like these so that you remain on target to achieve your financial goals.

While developments play out in Westminster there will clearly be winners and losers – but remember that volatility can offer opportunity.

With some big names gone, a surge in the youth vote, and events moving apace in Westminster we’re now looking at how potential developments might play out, particularly with regard to the markets. But whilst the impact of the result is very relevant to us all as citizens it will quite likely be minimal on investments.

The Conservatives are bruised but can comfort themselves with a small increase in the popular vote – mostly it seems at the expense of the SNP. But Labour also had significant gains, thanks mostly to the younger generation flexing their political muscles for the first time, as one commentator put it. And as a result, two-party politics has made a return to the UK after an absence of 20 years.

Theresa May is, at time of writing, meeting the Queen to ask permission to form a government – with help from the DUP. This is not a surprise: the DUP had already indicated they were willing to consider some kind of link with the Conservatives.

In terms of Brexit negotiations, although keen to leave the EU, the DUP will be seeking a soft Brexit to prevent a hard border with Ireland. And a soft Brexit would favour financial markets.

Political uncertainty has meant the pound has fallen – and although a sharp fall in the very short-term, this must be viewed in the wider context as it is still well above the post-Brexit low of US$1.20. And a fall in the pound can be good for investment in companies that derive earnings from overseas: most of the FSTE 100 in fact. We have also witnessed a rise in bond yields but these are still down over the year.

However, once again we are taking the view that it is better to keep calm, wait until the dust settles, and not rush into any decisions regarding your investments.

We are committed to keeping you informed of developments within the financial sector and to use our skill, experience and training to keep your wealth management on course.