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Patrick Williams

Patrick is a Paraplanner. He supports the advisers through research and report writing.

Patrick is familiar with the world of financial services having worked within this sector for nearly ten years. His previous role was at Fidelity as a retirement specialist. Prior to that he held posts at HSBC, as a complaints officer, and at AXA PPP, as a quality consultant – positions that have developed his knowledge of compliance issues and helped him gain greater insight into the client perspective; all of which is grist to our ‘treating customers fairly’ mill.

His commitment to the role and his continuing professional development is clear: he already holds the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

But life is not all about work and to maintain a good life balance Patrick enjoys eating out or simply relaxing in his hot tub. He’s also a film buff and particularly enjoys watching sci-fi and fantasy films.

A brisk walk over the downs – his favourite place on the Island - is his choice for more active relaxation. He says he enjoys the amazing views, the fresh air and the tranquility. And who can blame him after a long day in the office?

He tells us that in another life he would have been an RAF pilot: quick thinking, control, protecting people, and flying high – it’s not that dissimilar to financial services!

In ten years’ time he sees himself back in an advisory role. He is definitely on a mission to achieve this and sees each new position as part of his in-depth preparation - which can only be good for our clients and his clients in the future.


Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)