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Stewart Barbour

Stewart is our trainee Paraplanner. Together with Jon and Vicky (our fully-fledged Paraplanners) he provides product and advice research, and report writing.

Stewart is no stranger to the detail of managing portfolios. He joins the team with a degree in Business and Management and seven years’ experience in the property sector under his belt. Most recently this was at Savills UK, where his last role involved working on the management of the Crown Estates portfolio and assisting with their development strategy. As a member of both the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and an Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Management (AIRPM) he clearly takes his work and career development seriously.

But it appears his work persona could actually be his mild-mannered alter ego. Not only has Stewart completed the 2015 London Marathon and has signed up to take part in the 2017 Paris Marathon, but he also likes to take part in Obstacle Course Runs (OCR events). This means he’ll actively seek out opportunities to hurl himself over walls, through muddy ditches and immerse himself in icy water, but all played out with team spirit at the core.

As light relief he favours paddle boarding and wakeboarding. In fact he tells us that in another life he would be wakeboarding all over the world. That said, his favourite place on the Island is Gurnard, which happens to be popular with paddle boarders, and he says in ten years’ time he sees himself on a yacht, retired.

Having expended all that energy we quite understand his choice of retirement but are happy that for now he is focusing his drive, enthusiasm and team spirit on his work at Rouse.


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