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June 2016

Friday 24th June 2016 // Category: Team Comments

The UK has voted to leave the European Union and, whilst our lives won’t immediately vis…

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Supersize your pension income, says Ben Silk

Monday 13th June 2016 // Category: Team Comments

The arrival of pension freedoms means we now have many more options as to how we use our pension…

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May 2016

FCA issues investment scam warning to over-55s.

Wednesday 25th May 2016 // Category: Team Comments

Current low interest rates have driven some investors, particularly those over 55, to search for…

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Protect your mortgage

Monday 16th May 2016 // Category: Team Comments

Once you have secured your mortgage, don’t risk losing your home by not having appropria…

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Damned if EU do, damned if EU don't?

Friday 13th May 2016 // Category: View from the City

We are just weeks away from voting on one of the biggest issues the UK electorate has faced in…

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April 2016

Is LISA a flexible friend for young savers?

Monday 11th April 2016 // Category: Team Comments

The new Lifetime ISA (LISA), announced at the Budget, launches in April 2017. Matthew Jones co…

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March 2016

EU couldn't make it up

Thursday 17th March 2016 // Category: Bulletin

Office politics, a back-bench revolt and a Hokey Cokey referendum – with all the politic…

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'Not the right time' for George Osborne means more time to save, says Andrew White

Monday 14th March 2016 // Category: Team Comments

The chancellor has decided not to push ahead with pension tax reform in his budget on 16th Mar…

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Budget update!

Wednesday 9th March 2016 // Category: Bulletin

With a week to go to the Budget, George Osborne has apparently dropped plans to announce a rad…

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Pensions tax relief and the sword of Damocles.

Friday 4th March 2016 // Category: You heard it here - topical issues

It has been hanging by a thread and now it looks like the time may have come for the sword to…

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