Rouse Intelligent Financial Planning
About Rouse

About Rouse Intelligent Financial Planning

Rouse Limited has more than twenty five years' experience working with clients in all areas of financial planning, including wealth management, retirement planning, pensions and investments.

Ben Rouse, our founder and Managing Director, has been working in financial management for over twenty five years, and is a Chartered Financial Planner.

Each member of the team at Rouse Limited is committed to their continuing professional development and each holds a current Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). We believe that it’s important for us to keep up to date with the latest qualifications in the UK in order that we can also keep up to date with the best investment opportunities and financial management for you.

As well as developing our qualifications, we maintain our research into financial markets and opportunities. A key part of building a robust financial plan is the use of Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling. This allows us to work with clients on building their goals into their financial plan as well as testing it under various scenarios. This enables us to ensure the best financial return for the products that are chosen.

We like and respect our clients. Through sound financial advice and investments we try to ensure that our clients can experience a good work/life balance, and we try to maintain that balance ourselves.

We hope that our relaxed environment, coupled with our excellent skills, will help you to feel that Rouse Limited is the best partner to support your financial future and investment portfolio.